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If your looking for something that can provide that wow factor or that extra something makes that difference between a great room to a stellar room?  Well, lighting decor can help you make that difference.  We offer Uplighting, Custom and Pattern Monograms, and Cake spot lighting to enhance your room and setting for the event.


When you add Up Lighting to your event we can match it to your color themes and really make a room look even more beautiful.    We place the uplighting in locations in your venue that will enhance the architectural features of the room.  We can do the full room or even just your head table if you would like.


Another great lighting effect to add to your event is a custom and pattern monogram.  All of our custom monograms are designed based on your vision.  They can contain our bride and grooms name or initials and wedding date, match theme, colors.  Or for corporate or schools we can create billboard with your logos or school mascot.      There is also Pattern projections that can provide graphics of roses, fall leaves, snow flakes, hearts, and antique scripts to complement your other decorations or custom monogram at your event.  Monograms can be projected onto a wall, floor, or ceiling.  It is a great way to put your personal touch for your event.

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